Its funny, the kinda places where we get inspired or perhaps I should say where we get Epiphanies. In my case, it came @ the pool while swimming.

The Subject matter of this piece being Motives I’d like ur honest views/opinions on the examples cited or of similar cases.

As I enjoyed my Swimming on a rather sunny friday afternoon @ a public pool, I was perplexed @ †ђξ realisation that I was †ђξ only one in †ђξ pool without a companion of †ђξ opposite sex. Just as I was about to feel bad (probably due to my inability to “score” a “chic” or date) I remembered why I was there in †ђξ first place and felt a lot better. At that instant, I had caught my “Rhema” or “Rev” as some wud call it. First, “deep calleth unto deep” and secondly, in line with our Subject Matter is †ђξ fact that for every activity we engage in for whatever reason they are performed or we claim they are performed, someone (or somepple) someplace else are performing d very same action but for an entirely different reason.

It reminded me of †ђξ discussion I had with my Sister earlier that day (oh! Wonderful argument we had……anoda write-up is coming from it). Our discussion reflected our differences on various State Govts embarking on “Road Expansion” Projects and demolishing several sources of livelihood and making “†ђξ Poor” suffer even more hardship than they were already suffering, I however saw †ђξ situation from an entirely different angle as I was of †ђξ opinion that †ђξ demolished buildings, shops etc shouldn’t av been there in d first place and hence it was inevitable and sparing now wud be postponing †ђξ necessary evil.

We agreed @ d point where she said †ђξ reasons for these Projects were more often than not dubious, as they served d major purpose of enriching and fattening some Obese pockets.

It got me thinking deep, †ђξ same issue but we saw different things entirely, begging †ђξ questions “Why do pple do what they do?”, or bringing it home “Why do you do what you do?. Here is where you quote me, “For everything we do for whatever †ђξ motive(s) is(are) †ђξ same thing is been done elsewhere with ulterior intent”.

Call me shrewd if would, but I prefer to call things as I see them.

Thanks for your time, I hope it wasn’t a waste.