GOOD: The New Mediocre

Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at serious writing in almost 3 years, I’m kinda rusty.

There were standards that we’d always looked up to and hoped to attain growing up. They’d usually be preceded by a phrase like “If only I can/could”. At the time, we just wanted to get to a point we thought was “the point” but the truth is you’d always get to that point only to find out the point is actually a starting point and not “the point” (well… except you’re not the kind of person I thought this title will appeal to). Enough with the points and back to standards; I used to be satisfied with the label of being “good” but that satisfaction is probably the fastest way to becoming “not so good“. I guess I had always known this but I was reminded again by my new nothing-short-of-Excellence minded boss (Thanks Boss!) and I thought to remind like minds who dreads the idea of being seen as a mediocre. We are in very competitive times with standards and performance levels being the differentiating factor between you and the next good guy.

Being Good

Newsflash: a lot of people are good and being good just makes you one of the numerous good guys. My conclusion; best case scenario, being good gets you a shot at the big leagues but you’re gonna have to be better and possibly the best to operate effectively on that wavelength. Continue reading