Straight from my Heart………………. to Faith

If you say I fell in love with her, you’re so right. I fell for her person, her character, her charm, her voice etc and most especially our friendship.

Bringing what seems like a biblical myth. “Substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen” to life, its probably Etokhana Faith you’re refering to. The kinda person you hope existed, the kinda person you can’t but overlook her faults cos of her unending pleasantries, the kinda person you wanna call FRIEND. Whose very delight is your unalloyed happiness, who would stop at nothing to put a smile on your face. Indeed this is a rare creature. Whose existence, seems like a make belief tale of the existence of angels among men, A rare gem , royal diadem. An embodiment of grace and candor, am short of words to describe you and right about now, my literary prowess has failed me in coming up with a suitable description of your person. My dear Faith , I’m privileged to call you: FRIEND. Baskets of roses, Droplets of tears and a heart filled with joy I give to you. Cheers. Nifemi cares.

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