At the Mall………………………………….. #1

It’s my first time at the Mall, and I’m kinda thrilled and excited at the level of sophistication therein. Several thoughts flash across my mind as I stand at the entrance of this gigantic edifice. As I stepped in I wasn’t too surprised to find that the place was a “Madhouse”, people trickling back and forth exchanging one good/service for another. That’s of course if you consider sight seeing and window shopping a service. Nonetheless I’m excited at the prospect of being perceived to be a member of the well-to-do social status that can actually afford to buy stuff there as is the common though very wrong perception in this country as my economics background helped me figure. Incase you didn’t know basic stuff is cheaper there than from the average retailer, so if you ask me going to the Mall should be considered with as little regard as going to Aleshinloye market.
Away with the elementary economics, and to the very first incident that tickled my fancy at the mall. I spotted this young lady who had started to make her way up the stairs and all of a sudden she came down hurriedly, the “olofofo” in me wanted to see where she was headed in such a rush only for her to stop at the foot of the escalator to hitch a ride, at that moment I burst into uncontrollable laughter that saw tears roll down my cheeks, as I climbed I pondered over thoughts that could have been running through her mind and I figured maybe she was a Mall JJC like me, why would she come all the way and miss out on a ride she would probably remember for life. I was to learn a great lesson that very day (if you ever make jest of anyone in a public place please don’t get caught). As she got up the stairs beaming with a huge smile and sense of accomplishment (try picturing that face, enjoy a good laugh or playing it down a little a smile and then look at what happened next) she looked up and saw my camera aimed towards her, I had caught the whole thing on camera and Yes, I was still laughing. Her smile instantly disappeared and was quickly replaced by a look of embarrassment, I felt bad to have been responsible for the disappearance of her smile and I turned away immediately.
Here is some of the things I had picked up at that instant, that girl could have been anybody that was new at something or some place. Not necessarily an escalator, maybe you and mathematics, your first time driving or using a sophisticated device and you certainly wouldn’t want to be laughed at. Of utmost importantce is the fact that what seemed to me as a funny gesture wiped a smile off someone’s face. I have never set out to be the person to do that to anyone let alone a stranger. I prefer to be the one to put the smile there in the first place but here I was. I was fortunate enough to run into her afterwards at the hot-dog stand outside the cinema where I tendered my unreserved apology and paid for her expenses. I couldn’t undo what had been done but I tried making amends.
I would leave you guys with this, “a lot of things are fun till you get caught, why do them?”
Color me Shrewd if you would, but I pour it as I see it.



  1. #at the mall….. ” a lot of things are fun till you get caught, why do them” then I say, you never imagined being caught while doing them, all thanks you were caught. Maybe being caught is the lesson to prevent another occurrence. Then, after all the apologies and paid expenses, the scar still won’t disappear, only the wound was healed. More reason I tell people experience is the worst teacher, It teaches but leaves us with scars.

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