It grows like a Seedling
And it doesn’t shrivel
Blossoms like a Flower
Yet, it withers not
Rises like the Sun
But doesn’t set

It can be likened to honey
Out of a feeling so Strong
And capable of hurting one
Comes something so sweet
And Indescribable

Scholars have failed
In this gruesome task
Of coming up with a unified definition
Such level of indescribability is rather perplexing
Searching for a description
Ends up putting one at a loss for words

It’s a Phenomenon
It’s a Symphony
It makes one (in the words of Peter Pan)
“Overghasted and Flabawhelmed”
It’s that one sensation we’ve come to call……



  1. Then I looked at ‘LOVE’ love likened to honey,stanza 2 line 1 and then I say honey is sweet but not suitable for all things, e.g honey is sweet but not suitable for Yoruba okro soup ‘ila alasepo’. Even when it sweetens some, it still has it’s own stings that hurt some. A love I know that never withers nor go sour, His Love (God’s Love) and when deposited in man remain unchanged in nature.

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