Its About Time


Arise, Great African

It’s about time

About time you woke up

About time you stood up

About time you represented something with worth

About time you came out and reflected your beliefs

It has been a seemingly endless era of quietness

A run of myopic and progress crippling views

A run of hypocritical and cowardly positions

 A run of shallowness and absence of will

Alas, it’s the dawn of a brand new day

A day filled with hope and endless possibilities

A day that symbolizes change and upliftment

A day that brings a sun that rises to set no more

That day we have long awaited is finally here

It’s about time the beautiful ones came of age

It’s about time you looked in the mirror and see what I see

It’s about time you realized, there is a giant in you.  




  1. The day as come truly but how many understands that there is a giant in us that nobody can stop. All we need is for the old and the young to see the vision.

  2. Nice poetic ring. Africa, though, AFRICA!! Will we ever be great? Will we ever amount to anything akin to a world “superpower”? Perhaps; perhaps not. But wouldn’t we at least try to find an honest answer to this question?

    Goodbye to folding of arms; goodbye to a pessimistic attitude towards national building. Welcome to fresh thinking, optimism, hardwork and honesty. I will rise, o GREAT Africa, I Will Rise!!!

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